Things in my place are finally coming together. I purposely bought all my furniture in untreated wood so I could do some DIY experimenting, and I finally got around to this DIY. I’m super happy with the result. This was my first time ever using stain, and I must say I lucked out with my product choices. I highly recommend them if you’re going to take on a project like this!





  • MINWAX Express Colour – in Walnut stain
  • Americana Decor – Chalky Finish
  • Paintbrush
  • Cheese cloth or old rag
  • Old sheet or plastic to cover the floor (I bought a $1 shower liner from Dollarama and it really did the trick)

I can’t express to you how happy I was with the MINWAX stain and the Americana Decor paint. The MINWAX was a perfect shade of walnut, and so easy to use. The Americana Decor line of paint comes with some awesome shades of paint, and it’s such a high quality paint that you really only need 1 coat – PLUS it dries matte/chalky, which is exactly the kind of finish I was looking for.



Place your furniture on your protective mat, and sand down your wood if needed. The Ikea furniture didn’t need it, so if you’re using the same pieces as me, you’ll be safe not to sand it down.


Try to evenly spread out the MINWAX stain. Then, you’ll use your cheese cloth or rag to work the colour into the wood. Here’s a great tutorial video that I used, straight from MINWAX.




And here is the finished product! I’m pretty in love, not going to lie.

I love how deep and dark the colour is – you can see every knot in the wood and it’s so beautiful. I’m also OBSESSED with how rich this teal colour is.

After: Ikea TARVA bed frame


I wanted to use paint and stain to create a matchy-matchy bedroom set, and the vision is coming true.


I’m loving how much the stain and pop of colour completely transforms the look of the bed. It matches everything just the way I was hoping it would!


Is it just me or does this look a bit 60s? I hope you agree!





What do you guys think? Have you ever had an experience with staining before?