I’ve always admired the generation of love’s ability to be open, free, and stylish. I’m a bit too high-strung to really qualify as a hippie, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t take interior design pointers from the era. Now, you can, too. Here’s 8 ways to nail hippie chic decor at home.

1. Mix all the patterns, all the time

Image via The Tao of Dana

The key to creating a hippie chic home is not being afraid of mixing patterns – and lots of them. This creates a lot of visual interest to a room by adding layers to a space. Worried about creating harmony between the patterns you mix? You can choose patterns that all have one colour in common to create unison, or you can choose similar patterns but in different colours. As long as there’s some visual thread that ties the pattern together, you’ll be okay.

2. Go old or go home

Image via La Maison Boheme

The hippie chic look can guide your budget two ways: it can either be really expensive when buying new pieces, or really cheap by reusing second-hand pieces. The thing about a hippie chic look is that you want it to have some soul, and the best way to get this is to incorporate elements that have history that shows.

3. Get some hanging plants

Image via gala darling

Being a hippie is all about collecting objects with meaning, creating a curated life, and surrounding yourself with the different forces of the universe. I know because I was one for like 2 or 3 Halloweens, and I really like Janis Joplin. But seriously, bringing something living and breathing into your home adds another dimension to your space. There’s a life that you have to take care of, and in turn it helps clean the air and make you a happier, healthier person.

4. Start a crystal collection

Like the Esoteric Metaphysical Spiritual Database clearly states: “There will be times when you need to purchase a crystal.” Apparently, crystals have their own vibrations (groovy), and having them around you can change your own vibes – in a positive way if they’re used properly. Plus, they’re so pretty!!! Check out this quick beginner’s guide to the benefits of having crystals in your life.

5. Hang tapestry as wall art

Image via Design Sponge

What better way to add colour and whimsy to your hippie pad? Don’t be afraid to use curtains, either. Anything loosey goosey goes.

6. Pick a bohemian icon to channel while at home

Image via Tumblr

We recommend Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, or Patti Smith.

Note: We also recommend staying away from headdresses. Cultural appropriation will probably result in bad vibes.

7. Use lantern lighting

Image via House Beautiful

Like everything else in your hippie chic home, lighting has to have a purpose. In this instance, the purpose is dialing back the intensity of the light to make everything seem more relaxed. Plus, dim lighting makes everyone beautiful; my rule of thumb is that an overhead light shouldn’t be turned on past 8 PM.

8. Maybe get a hammock

Image via Harper’s Bazaar

What better way to signal to the universe that you trust it intrinsically by suspending your body from a piece of furniture hung precariously from the ceiling?