Surprise! I moved to California. You didn’t miss an announcement, I was just very stealth about the whole operation. Oakland was the landing pad, and now¬†Mountain View’s home.

It’s about to get real Lord of the Rings up in here. I’m about to do what has always made me hated Tolkien and every Canadian author. But, man, nature is beautiful. On a regular basis, I pass hills that become mountains. Those mountains go for miles, and create this spectrum of colour intensity that plays with your sense of depth.

And don’t get me started on the water. Or how the water is a perfect reflection of the sky, which is a different colour every. damn. day. I’ve seen pastels, primary colours, orange sunsets, and lately many shades of grey (harharhar). Sometimes, the clouds even look like the mountains.

Also there are PALM TREES (so chic, so new) and all kinds of other trees I know nothing about.

Mother nature is the best designer. Why not follow her lead and bring some California sky into your life with inspiration from these killer rooms.

Pastel fades

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Moody greys

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Green for days

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Image via simply grove’s instagram

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Image via decorator’s notebook