Rejoice, friends! Winter is halfway over, and that means that spring is approaching. And with the changing of the seasons comes a desire to cleanse and refresh your home decor. To stir your imagination, we’ve put together this list of totally attainable and high-impact functional decor ideas to try out this spring.

Functional decor: pegboard organization

Contrary to popular belief, the pegboard can be used for more than just tool storage. Who doesn’t love a little functional decor with a polka dot pattern?

Workspace refresh

This workspace is beyond amazing. I love the streamlined, monochromatic look with pops of teal and gold. Plus, this doubles as an organizational project as well as a super intelligent way to segment a space.

Functional Decor Ideas - Pegboard Organization

Image via Petit & Small

I love how whimsical yet practical this is. The DIY projects are in abundance here – upcycled pencil holders, painted Ikea shelves, and the most adorable hanging light ever.

Any maker or DIYer knows that when you get serious about your craft, it becomes nearly impossible to keep your tools tidy. This pegboard idea for organization makes it look easy – and super pretty.

Functional Decor Ideas - Workspace Pegboard Desk

Image via Bloglovin’

I feel like if I had this workspace in my place, I could write a really great novel.

Storage & Display

Functional Decor Ideas - Pegboard Shelving

Image via One Happy Mess

When talking about functional decor ideas, this one ranks pretty high in my books. I absolutely love the unique way to display magazines by giving them the prominence they deserve Plus, these shelves are killer and act as a perfect way to display all your favourite tokens.

Add some visual interest and organization to your entrance, bathroom, or getting-ready space.

Functional Decor Ideas Pegboard Headboard

Image via

Super interesting way to display artwork, accessories and more in a small space.

Functional decor: room dividers

One of the hardest parts about living in an open space is getting the defined areas just right – even a piece of furniture off by a few inches can make a space feel strange.

Renting a studio or bachelor pad? These room divider solutions are the life-saver you’ve been looking for.


Functional Decor Ideas Rope Room Divider

Image via The Brick House

These rope room dividers make a big impact without taking up a ton of space visually. The texture of the rope (or whatever material you want to use) will go a long way.

Functional Decor Ideas Curtain Room Divider

Image via Decoholic

Nothing adds more interest than a beautiful tapestry or oversized patterned scarf.

This more traditional room divider is spruced up with a bohemian pairing of different fabrics and accessories.

Functional storage

Functional Decor Ideas Ikea Hack Room Divider

Image via

The ultimate room divider – with the ability to double as a library and stereo console.

Ikea’s large-scale KALLAX shelves double as heavy duty storage and a streamlined room divider for all the minimalists out there.

Functional Decor Plant Shelf Room Divider

Image via

A ladder shelf that’s perfect for displaying your greenery and quirky objects.

Privacy screen FTW.

Functional Decor Embroidery Hoops Room Divider

Image via Buzzfeed

A lovely little craft project that creates both visual interest and big impact.

Functional Decor Ideas Room Divider Closet

Image via Brit+Co

If your closet looks this good, why wouldn’t you live in the midst of it?

Functional decor: multipurpose furniture

Functional Decor Multipurpose Furniture Cat House Side Table

Image via Buzzfeed

For all you cat lovers out there: how would you like to have an adorable kitty bed AND a stylish wicker side table?

Furniture garden. Enough said..

Double duty adorable, square record holders and faux-fur clad seat-tops. What a combination.

Functional Decor Couch and Table Combination

Image via

With this compact piece, you get 3-in-1.

Do you have any functional decor ideas that you’ve put into practice in your space? Tell us all about them in the comments!