Like most other people who spend their waking life on Pinterest, I became obsessed with the modern bar cart trend and realized I wanted – no, needed – an at-home bar. I don’t drink as much as I used to (thanks, chronic sinusitis), but that left me with a little more pocket change to fashion a fashionable space that houses everything one might need for an impromptu soiree. Ya dig?

At-Home Bar Shelf


I got this compact cupboard at Target before the chain was ripped so cruelly from Canada. It also doubles as half of my crafting cupboard.

The products


Products from left to right – top shelf: Olivia Blake Black Oak & Kumquat Candle / Black & White Patterned Straws from Target in Straw Holder from Value Village / Polka Dot Napkins from Dollarama & Kate Spade (lovely gift from one of my bosses at work) in Napkin Holder from Value Village / Goggie’s clutch / Dillons Rose Gin / Skull Decanter from a flea market in NB / Candle sticks from my mom / White dotted lamp from Target

Products from left to right – bottom shelf: 6 really cool Ikea tumblers with a stripe and dot pattern / 5 wine glasses my lovely co-worker gave me when I moved back to Canada and had nothing / Stripe and dot snack bowls from Ikea

Nifty napkins


Listen guys, I know that I’m going overboard with the polka dots, BUT LOOK AT HOW NICE WITH THE CONTRASTING BLACK AND WHITE DOTS!

Not to mention this from-the-heavens perfect holder I found at Value Village for like $3. It’s everything I love – stripes and dots with an 80s vibe and an unexpected pop of colour.

Super chic straw game


AND THESE STRAWS. Don’t even get me started on these straws. I found them in the dollar bins at a Target when The Diviners visited Boston on the coldest weekend of the year, maybe ever. We barely left the hotel room and just read tarot. The only exception was to get these straws.

And then I put a message out into the universe by saying: “I really need a good quality but cheap straw holder.” The universe delivered.

Do you have a bar cart or do you want one? What would you change about what I’ve done? I would love to hear from you in the comments.