I am really good at getting into a project, but quickly lose interest or get frustrated when I make a mistake (should I put that on my resume?) I started AND finished this DIY on multiple occasions. You only need a couple supplies and very little time and/or patience. 


While perusing Tumblr one fine day, I realized I had been liking a lot of photos that had letter banners featured on a wall displaying some clever phrase. I thought to myself, “Mama want!” Then quickly realized, “Mama could potentially do this!” A lovely friend of mine once made a banner for a staff farewell party that read ALL THE FEELINGS using a CRICUT. Unfortunately,  I cannot afford one of those, so I went the “these scissors are giving me a blister” route.

First step was to head to Michael’s Craft Store to pick up the following goodies:

  • embroidery thread
  • card stock paper

Things I already had on hand because I’ve attempted many a craft before:

  • scissors
  • washi tape
  • pencil
  • printer

Next, I searched for a font style I liked. In this case, I think the more simplistic the font the better you don’t want your phrase/quote to be overshadowed by some fancy font, but if you are into this by all means do it up. I simply opened my word processor of choice, chose the font Futura (Wes Anderson’s fave too) and increased the size so two letters fit on the page.


Now you need to figure out what phrase you want on your wall. Is it a gift for a friend? Something for a event/celebration? A song title? A line from your favourite poem? The options are endless! For my trial practice round I decided on this song title to honour a lady road-trip I had recently ventured on and two of my friends were lucky enough (modesty) to get one of these gifts this summer one featured BORN TO RUN the other stated YAAAS KWEEN

For today’s letter banner I opted for an inspirational phrase as a daily reminder. Since I already live, laugh and love on the regular, I decided on the title of a song that always puts things into perspective for me: DON’T WORRY BABY

Now you can get to work…


Don’t worry, baby. I don’t run.

  1. Carefully cut out the letters you printed.
  2. Trace the letters onto craft paper. *tip: trace the letters backwards so you don’t have to worry about erasing pencil markings*
  3. Cut the letters out and get ready to thread them onto the embroidery thread. You can use any kind of string-like material you have handy.
  4. Create the thread holes with a whole punch or another type of tool you have handy. I used a tiny screwdriver I found in my junk drawer.
  5. Thread the string through the holes making sure to leave some room for a little droop on either side.
  6. Go in through the front of the letters then out through the back to ensure the letters lay flat against the wall.
  7. Find a spot on your wall to display it, adhere it however you like and you are done!

For real. It is that easy.


This project could certainly spruce up any wall that needs a little love in your house/apartment/office/classroom, and when you get bored with the sentiment you can always make a new one because wasn’t this so easy?

Do you think you could do this quick craft? What would your banner to say? Leave a comment below so I can copy your ideas!