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Whether you believe in their ability to provide divine communication or simply value the insights of the Jung archetypes they offer us, tarot is a lot of fun. There are 78 cards in the standard tarot deck. Like in a regular deck of cards there are 4 suits, also known as the minor arcana made up of cups, pentacles, swords and wands. Unlike a regular deck of cards there are 22 major arcana that are not a part of the suits. These cards are “trump cards” and are the foundation of the tarot. The major arcana addresses the spiritual journey and when they show up they can help us with life’s bigger questions.

The Fool (0)

into to tarot cards the fool

The major arcana starts and ends with The Fool. The Fool is free of any order compared to the rest of the deck and is numbered as zero. The Fool is the protagonist of the major arcana and it is said the other 21 cards show us his inner journey. He is the reflection of the seeker, the stand in for us all.

The Fool has his head held high as he strolls with his faithful canine companion. He is literally looking up which is how you should start thinking when he shows up. With his tiny kerchief of belongings neatly bundled and hung over his shoulder, The Fool reminds us of the freedom to be found in simplifying. How often have we all complicated new opportunities with the things we’ve collected along the way that no longer serve us? The Fool wants you to know what you need you’ve already got on you and maybe you’ve been spending too much energy over packing this whole time. The Fool wants you to start your journey with optimism, confidence and a light load. Most importantly The Fool wants you to start.

This is the card of the old adage: “It’s the journey not the destination.” This is a carefree card whose character takes as much pleasure in departing as he does arriving, but his favorite place is everywhere in between. Representing new beginnings, freedom, and an adventurous spirit, The Fool shows up to tell you to stop asking “why me?” and start saying “why the #$%& NOT me!” The Fool’s potential is a powerful tool and you can tap into it when you’ve let go of all the rejections, fears, and insecurities that you’ve carried with you.

If The Fool had a theme song…

It would be M. Ward’s Clean Slate from the album A Wasteland Companion. With its simplistic lyrics crooned out dreamily and accompanied by a cheery acoustic guitar, Clean Slate embodies The Fool’s wisdom. Throw this record on, burn some sage (and maybe those old love letters), and start dreaming big because you are going great places. It’s good to be The Fool.

When I was a younger man,

I thought the pain of defeat would last forever,

But now I don’t know what it would take to make my heart back down.

‘Cause I only have to wait a little while

Before I get my

Clean slate


Stay tuned – Jasmine will be doing a little series on the Major Arcana! Up Next: The Magician




Jasmine is from northern Maine and grew up on a tree/trout farm.She’s a Pisces and been doing tarot causally for 20 years.