I never thought I’d see the day, but here I am attempting to predict a summer lip trend! Someone call Kylie and warn her that she needs to realize terracotta is the shade of the season. I tried my best (having Google searched “terracotta” and keeping the tab open) to keep true to what terracotta actually is. It’s a reddish-orange clay colour and it’s going to be your new favourite thing. A true terracotta shade is surprisingly hard to come by, but it’s worth the search! It also looks different on every lip and can often pull more orange or  more pink. Here are the best shades I found!


Pur Cosmetics FBF

This is the one I really really want. Unfortunately, at the moment, it’s only available online. I have yet to branch out into buying lipstick online because there are SO many beautiful shades in drugstores for a decent price. Hopefully this shade by Pur Cosmetics will hit a Shopper’s Drug Mart near you soon. It’s part of a new, limited edition, online only line of Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks. The shade is called FBF and I want it so badly. Here it is in action- thanks to beauty blogger and overall cool-girl LaMadelynn.





L.A. Girl Cosmetics Fleur

L.A. Girl Cosmetics are usually hard to come by in North America, but  are available at Lawton’s Drug Mart in Atlantic Canada. This shade looks quite pink in the tube, but on the lips it has more of a terracotta look to it. It only costs $5.00! It’s very opaque and the shade is perfect for summer. If you find it, I highly suggest picking up a couple tubes!





NYX Berlin

NYX can do no wrong. A cruelty free, affordable makeup brand that has on-trend choices? Yes, please. NYX has recently arrived in Canada. This may have improved my life significantly (don’t get me started on the highlighter palette, unless of course you want to). This choice is a soft matte lip cream with a little more brown than orange, but it still gives off terracotta vibes. It is definitely in the 90s brown family, which I think Kylie would appreciate.






Kat Von D Lolita II

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Lolita is a cult classic, but I feel the colour Lolita II needs a lot more attention. It’s a gorgeous shade that looks great on any skin-tone. Again, it is a pricier lipstick, but is it worth it? I decided to test it out and purchased this liquid lipstick at my local Sephora. This was the first time I ever spent more than $10 on a lipstick and let me tell you! It is such a gorgeous, wearable shade and actually closer to my natural lip colour than I expected. I’m obsessed. It doesn’t transfer much, unless you are eating oily food (which, I mean, I do a lot) and as the day goes on it fades naturally. It doesn’t dry out my lips at all and I have been wearing it everyday since I bought it.


loliitta 2

My precious.

Okay, bye. Gotta go spend more of my hard earned cash on lipstick!

What’s your favourite lipstick shade to wear in the summer? Let us know your fave in the comments below!