Brother/sister BFFs

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This is my brother Tim. I’m the oldest by 5 years, but you would probably think the opposite if you met us. He’s the charismatic, all-business one, whereas I’m the quirky but also all-business one. He’d deny it, but we are brother/sister BFFs. I swear to you, we’ve never had a real-life fight. We bond over TV, chicken nuggets, and a deep love for analyzing our childhoods from our different POVs.

Tim moved to Toronto just over 2 years ago, and found a killer, mid-century apartment near Yonge and Eglinton after a year out in the ‘burbs. His place is a little rough around the edges, but its character makes up for it. His hallway is lined with wall-to-wall closets, his bathroom has some pretty stellar mid-century black and white tiling, and his bedroom has this unbelievably cool closet that is kind of like a lazy Suzan for your clothes – think the low-fi prototype for Cher’s closet in Clueless.

Tim’s lovely girlfriend Rebecca lives in the apartment during her summers while she finishes her pharmacy degree. With that in mind, we wanted a space that reflected Tim’s interests (sports, Rebecca, and ninja turtles), but also wasn’t completely alienating for a lady to live in. The result? Tim’s Jock Chic living space.


I’m terrible at getting before shots, but this gives you a decent idea of what the space was like before. Good bones, but no overhead lighting.




The perfect combo of stripes and polka dots; inspiration from any sports arena across the country.Tim_Jock_Chic_Modern_Makeover_Main

Jock chic living room area

Projects in this space:


Not going to lie; Tim’s place is pretty much like an Ikea catalogue in a good way. He made me promise to mention that he chose all the furniture himself (though I seem to remember being present on some frantic Ikea trips when he moved in.)

Tim’s space is a perfect example of why Ikea is best for apartment buildings. Originally, he bought a couch from The Brick that just wouldn’t fit through the door frames no matter how hard he tried. The Ikea Kivik sofa was what he settled on in the end, and it pairs really well with the Lack black-brown furniture throughout the rest of the space. The little pops of chrome add some modern flair.



If there was one contentious issue throughout our design process, it was the ‘hustle’ print. Tim thought it was a little lame and I thought it fit in with theme too perfectly to not include. “The 32 Hustle” is a great moment since Tim was #32 during his basketball career.


I die for this powder blue chair – and it’s part of a pair! Last summer, Rebecca and Tim found these two chairs down the street, outside of a house that was for sale. One of their neighbours saw them eyeing the pair, and told them that they were owned by a nice lady who recently passed away that took very good care of her home. The chairs were bedbug free and one of the luckiest finds I’ve heard of. There’s something about these chairs that remind me so much of our grandparents, and the fact that they’re likely from the 60s makes them fit in super well with the retro space. The other one is in Tim’s room.


The only design instruction I received from Tim was that we somehow had to incorporate the Ninja Turtles, one of his childhood loves. Pay attention to the print placements as they were hung in a very deliberate order. Donatello and Raphael are in the middle because they’re Tim’s favourites. The other two are the outliers but their stances show that they’re on guard of the faves in the middle. Or something like that. Tim’ll correct me and I’ll fill you in.


These handy Vittsjo laptop stands are my current fave piece from Ikea because of their clean lines and versatility. We used it as a side table/mini bar with an adorable cactus print, some second-hand decanters that have yet to be filled, a little greenery, and a cute memory from last summer. That’s Rebecca!




Jock chic dining room area

Projects in this space:

  • Hanging pendant lamp
  • DIY vase with scrap fabric
  • Custom printables


We had to give Tim some extra surface space for his kitchen appliances since there are legit no outlets in his kitchen. Adding in extra shelving frames the space nicely, and the chrome legs on the Lack furniture ties in super well with the chrome lighting throughout the space.


Dots on dots on dots…


Pops of chrome, blue, and a second appearance of the ‘hustle’ print. I couldn’t help it.


Adorable hand-written coffee mugs from Rebecca take center stage.


Our family is obsessed with Scentsy. Also, Tim used to be #8, too.

Kooky kitchen

Projects in this space:

  • Contact paper backsplash


The kitchen was the hardest part of this living space redesign. A rental kitchen that hasn’t been updated since the 60s can be pretty grim, but we did what we could with some pretty rad contact paper we found at Honest Ed’s for 99c per roll. I think we used 4 for this project. Tim says this is his favourite part! Just don’t look too closely at the pattern…




Up next: Tim’s bedroom!

What do you think of the space? What would you change or steal for yourself? Let us know in the comments!